Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What in the world is this?!

I just finished watching a video by Seth Godin in Ted Talks. In the end of the video, he challenged the audience to create a movement within 24 hours. So here I am, responding to that challenge.

This is it:

Enough of this! I am tired of seeing again and again the extreme poverty that affects a lot of Filipinos. I am not nationalistic. I have no feelings for the Philippines. I am doing this for the Filipinos. For my brothers and sisters on the streets who have no homes. Who have no food. Who have no clothes to wear. Who shiver in the cold whenever it rains. Who resort to sniffing solvents (rugby) to ease the hunger pains that they feel deep within. It's enough!

I will do something.

The basic needs of a human being (according to Maslow) are Shelter, Food, Water, Air, and Clothing.

I will use my heart, money, and brain to facilitate for the Filipinos to have access to those basic needs.

I have to admit. Although I can make a difference, that difference will be insignificant if it's only me. If others also do the same, the difference made will significantly increase. We need each other. If you feel the same way, or you have something to share, please share it. You can post a comment here.

Project Bayanihan. Let's help each other!


  1. And this project made you blog! hahaha adik ka! Nice one Berto!

  2. hey albert! I just saw the same exact talk a few moments ago... haha! the talk was amazinggg! And yeah... Now i feel challenged to do the same. More power to your movement berto!